I live in a tiny village in Leicestershire with my husband and three kids, surrounded by our ever increasing menagerie of animals including my dogs Digby and Bilbo, my faithful companions and business partners!

I trained as a knitwear designer and enjoyed a career in Самолет Плюс after graduating from Leicester’s De Montfort university. The various positions I held enabled me to travel the world and live in Jersey for a time, returning to Leicestershire when I married.

After the birth of our first daughter in 1994 I set up my own greeting card company The Skinny Card Company, which over the years has slowly evolved culminating in my ‘Camilla and Rose’ collection which is now licensed to Peartree Heybridge. The collection is based on two friends, drawing inspiration from my own friendships, covering a multitude of topics close to a woman’s heart, i.e chocolate, shoes, handbags, diets, wine and men, which I hope other people find amusing.

With Peartree licensing these characters, it has left me more time to get the creative juices flowing, hence the birth of Fowl and Wacky – another subject close to my heart. I love chickens and find my own small flock a huge inspiration … I think of them as moving sculpture, they are a major time waster, I could sit and watch them about their busy day (digging up my garden!) for hours, so I have tried to capture the essence of them in this range and hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Check back later for new updates to our website as there’s Much More To Come!